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So I bot a SLDR

And became a believer.  I have always been skeptical about the concept of a moveable weight in a driver for the average golfer.  But the Taylor Made SLDR has made it SO easy to move the weight, that I am starting to believe it just might be useful for the average player.   My historical […]

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Tech for the Swing

This is the coolest, simplest device to help you use your cellphone to shoot your own swing.  You just stick your Cam Caddy into the ground behind you, and set it to shoot your swing.  A couple of tips when you videotape your golf swing: Whether shooting face-on, or down-the-line, put the camera HAND HIGH […]

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Dana Rader, Golf School Owner, Top 50 Golf Instructor

I have known Leslie for approximately 5 years, and I had the pleasure of working closely with her in her role as Executive Director of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals while I have served as the organization’s National President. As part of her ongoing commitment to being the best professional she can be, Leslie […]

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How can taking golf swings with eyes closed improve your focus?

I was out at Montauk Downs Golf Course recently hitting a few balls in bitter cold conditions, mostly for chuckles.  A friend snapped this picture of me, swinging in a parka where the jacket kept blocking my vision, and it reminded me of how valuable it is for me to occasionally practice with my eyes […]

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Early wrist hinge vs. width in golf — can you have both?

I was working with a student the other day (cold weather golf!!!!), and found myself having a very familiar discussion with him.  Most amateur golfers have heard of the concept of “early wrist hinge” or “early wrist set,” but struggle with the execution.  Too often, I see golfers hinge right out of the address position, […]

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Why is PGA Village a great golf and business destination?

Leslie Andrews Golf has chosen PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, Florida, as the official “host” for our seventh annual group golf instruction and play getaways. Why did we choose this venue? Aside from the obvious warm weather implications and terrific location (short ride to the Florida Palm beaches), PGA Village has been ranked among the “75 […]

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Is a Christmas golf driver good for your relationship?

Question:  I want to give my husband a new driver for Christmas. What should I look for? Answer:  Not a driver. A set of new golf clubs may be on almost every golfer’s holiday wish list but trying to buy a driver for someone is like trying to buy shoes for someone, without having them with […]

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Practice vs. warm up

I always start a lesson by asking students, “did you get a chance to practice this week?”  Almost always, the answer is either “no,” or “yeah, I hit a bucket of balls before I played last weekend.” Hitting a bucket of balls before you play, while helpful, does not qualify as practice, in my opinion.  […]

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