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So I bot a SLDR

And became a believer.  I have always been skeptical about the concept of a moveable weight in a driver for the average golfer.  But the Taylor Made SLDR has made it SO easy to move the weight, that I am starting to believe it just might be useful for the average player.


My historical lack of enthusiasm has been based on the general belief that equipment does not cure swing flaws.  The greatest challenge for the average golfer is to create a repeatable swing.  Not a perfect swing, but a repeatable swing.  Without that, the usefulness of a moveable weight is limited, to say the least.


But the SLDR allows you to move the weight from toe to heel to the degree that you can (they say) see a 30 yard difference left-to-right depending on the position of the weight — that’s 60 yards total.  I have had a chance to test it, and I have seen that exact effect.  Why does it matter to the average golfer?  All of us, even and especially the best players in the world, have to learn to “play the game we have with us that day.”  What does that mean?  Well, I have days when I can’t hit a fairway to save my life.  My most common miss is a pull draw and I can spend the whole day playing out of the left rough.  For me, I can tell when I am warming up on the range if it is going to be “that kind of day.”


The key for me?  Don’t fight it.  Just play it that way.  How does the SLDR help?  A quick twist of the wrench, and I can put the weight back in the heel and swing away.  It doesn’t cure my swing flaw — need to spend time on the range for that — but it does put a bandaid on for that round.

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