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Is a Christmas golf driver good for your relationship?

Question:  I want to give my husband a new driver for Christmas. What should I look for?

Answer:  Not a driver.

A set of new golf clubs may be on almost every golfer’s holiday wish list but trying to buy a driver for someone is like trying to buy shoes for someone, without having them with you to try them on for fit and comfort.  If you want the psychological impact of presenting and unwrapping a new driver on Christmas morning, by all means, go for it — BUT be sure the club can be exchanged, and don’t be insulted if your hubby wants to trade it in.

The driver and putter are the most personal clubs a golfer carries, and you need to have a relationship with each of them. As with any relationship, for most golfers, this involves the process of checking out a variety of options, narrowing down the field, testing a few choices, then, ultimately, settling on THE ONE!!

A good driver is an investment, and offers the opportunity for a golfer to take a step in improving his or her game, so don’t miss that opportunity through well-intentioned, though mis-guided generosity.  A more experienced golfer will understand this, and won’t hesitate to exchange an inappropriate club — a less experienced golfer might be grateful for the generosity and for the chance to skip the selection process, BUT might ultimately pay the price by suffering with a poorly fit, hence poorly performing driver.  Not worth it.

Instead, consider giving a gift certificate to your local pro shop or golf retailer, a gift certificate for a driver fitting or perhaps instead, a few golf lessons.

If you think the driver is his “must-have” holiday gift, ask for a box for the driver so you still get the high impact visual of handing over a driver-shaped item on Christmas morning.  You get credit for the gift and EXTRA CREDIT for an extra smart gift.


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