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So I bot a SLDR

And became a believer.  I have always been skeptical about the concept of a moveable weight in a driver for the average golfer.  But the Taylor Made SLDR has made it SO easy to move the weight, that I am starting to believe it just might be useful for the average player.   My historical […]

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Tech for the Swing

This is the coolest, simplest device to help you use your cellphone to shoot your own swing.  You just stick your Cam Caddy into the ground behind you, and set it to shoot your swing.  A couple of tips when you videotape your golf swing: Whether shooting face-on, or down-the-line, put the camera HAND HIGH […]

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Newsweek Talks to Leslie Andrews about Augusta

  August 27, 2012 By Leslie Andrews/Newsweek/The Daily Beast   When Augusta National finally decided to admit women, Newsweek asked Leslie Andrews of Leslie Andrews Golf for her take. “Hugely symbolic.”  Condoleeza Rice and Darla Moore have cracked open the door to the ultimate boys’ club. Time for the rest of us to pick up […]

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The Next Women Book Review: “Even Par”

May 31, 2012 By Beth Pitts   Virginia Rometty’s exclusion from the member ranks of Augusta is a sad commentary on gender equity in 2012, but it belies a much bigger problem—the exclusion of women from the entrenched social networks that are key to business success. We asked three of our regular bloggers, Faith Brewitt, […]

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The Golf Club Radio Show Interview with Leslie Andrews

May 5, 2012 An insightful interview on May 5, 2012 by Danielle Tucker of The Golf Club Radio Show about Leslie Andrews’ new book, “Even Par. How Golf Helps Women Gain the Upper Hand in Business“.   Learn why current LPGA Class “A” Teaching pro Leslie Andrews decided to combine a successful business career with […]

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Nice Girls Who Play Golf Do Get The Corner Office

It’s really not the golf that matters, truth be told. It’s the secret club. It’s the secret language. It’s being in the game, being where decisions are made. And that means being on the golf course. By Leslie Andrews Read More at

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