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Women, Golf & Biz – How to get the Invite?

Women ask me all the time, “how do I get invited to corporate outings?”  Believe me – the people who run these events are dying to have women participate.  You need to advertise that that you play the game.  Literally.

Here’s how.  Next time you’re on the course wearing your favorite outfit, take a picture of you holding a driver, or sitting in a golf cart.  Put it on your bulletin board.

Buy a golf-themed paper weight.

Keep a putter, some balls (know where these are – don’t leave them on the floor so someone breaks an ankle) and a fake golf hole in your office.  Other golfers will find these toys and play with them, I guarantee it.

Next time a friend goes on a golf trip to a high-end golf location – Pebble Beach, anyone? – have them send you a postcard.  You can still do that, you know…

Keep a golf hat or visor on the bookshelf in your office.

Get a golf-themed calendar.

See?  It’s easy.  You gotta advertise.

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