Leslie’s Teaching Philosophy

Leslie Andrews Golf:

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  • I learned to play golf when I was 30. Really truly. So I can relate to people who took up the game in adult-hood. The passion, the frustration, the need to fit golf into a life with a full-time career, the joy at the reward of investing in my own game (time, lessons, practice…) and most importantly, learning to appreciate the struggle.
  • Each golfer is unique. My job is to help you develop the swing and the game that fits you – I don’t just say this. I DO this.
  • I work with what you’ve got. I have very little interest in starting from scratch with someone who already plays the game – neither of us wants that. You tell me you want to play on Tour? Well, that’s one thing, and might actually require starting from scratch. But you tell me you want to get good enough to increase your enjoyment with your family and friends? That’s something else entirely, and I pride myself on being able to build from YOUR starting point, not some theoretical starting point in a golf book.
  • I don’t want to just give you a golf lesson. I want to learn about you, and help you make golf a source of joy in your life. Chances are, we’re going to talk about spine angle and swing plane and coming-over-the-top and grip and set-up and all that other stuff that golf pros insist on talking about. But not in a vacuum. Golf, like life, is a journey. And it’s your journey. I’m just the guide.

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